• Reliable solutions for large data centers. Products include UPS, power management, (PDU/STS/Bus) precision cooling, rack and accessories, management system and modular/containerized data center offerings.
  • Revolutionary battery chemistry that is safe, powerful, and recyclable. Products include nickel-zinc battery solutions: BC series UPS battery cabinets, monobloc battery, cylindrical cells and UPStealth series.
  • Maverick helps companies design and deploy flexible power design solutions that overcome even the most challenging physical constraints. Products include low and medium voltage distribution, UL508 control equipment, modular data centers, static switches, UPS, and maintenance bypass
  • Specializing in low and medium voltage switchgear and custom control panels, circuit breaker enclosures, busbar boxes and custom sheet metal enclosures. LEC also excels at consulting and startup assistance in the field.
  • Committed to innovation, our power generators are tested and engineered for long-life performance. In addition, we provide dedicated services that assure you peace of mind. From construction sites to industries, events, power plants, and even critical segments, the Atlas Copco generator portfolio can cover all your power needs.
  • Provides cost-effective, reliable, mission-critical emission and acoustical solutions for stationary natural gas and diesel reciprocating engines. Solutions for engines between 300bhp and 14,000bhp.
  • Enabling localized energy sources to operate in unison to power commercial and industrial zones. Microgrids operate autonomously either in tandem with the centralized grid or in a stand-alone "islanded" mode separate from the public in the event of a power outage. ELM Microgrids are factory assembled in a UL 508A shop and shipped as a self-contained unit ready for installation.

  • Tier 4 diesel engines, stationary power generation solutions are a product of our experience as a leader in medium-speed engine design and manufactured to provide efficient, cost-effective solutions. 250 Series Tier 4 certified engines are available producing from 1560kWm to 4230kWm to meet your emissions solution needs for the North American market.
  • Eliminates fuel-related engine or generator shutdown. Protects investment of the fuel supply and the entire system. Clean fuel system automatically cleans, polishes, and filters fuel. Automatic all-in-on system.