Results-Focused Solutions to Your Power Generation Needs

Cerio, LLC is dedicated to providing exceptional solutions to address your needs related to power generation. We deliver effective consulting services and supply first-rate equipment to the market.

Seasoned Team

We are staffed by knowledgeable and experienced consultants, equipment providers, and system integrators.


Strong Business Network

Since 2004, we have built solid relationships with our clients and distributors as well as other industry partners. This connection that we have formed allows us to be better service providers and product suppliers.

Serving the Power Generation Sector

We cater to the consulting and supply needs of the following:

  • Data Centers and Other Mission-Critical Facilities
  • Microgrid Companies
  • Power Plants
  • Government Agencies
  • Mining Businesses

Connect With Us

If you are interested in booking our power generation consulting services and purchasing equipment, message us today. We’ll be glad to assist you.